"Deborah is a kind and caring massage therapist who is always open to listening and to adjusting her work to your needs....she has added greatly to my quality of life" 
Liz M, Gwynedd
".....best massage therapist I've found and have been looking for a long time....."  
Sarah W, Llandudno
"Deborah's ability to locate and remove knots, relieve tension and encourage total relaxation is skillful.  Regular massage has improved my posture and eliminated the back ache that accompanied my long hours at desk and computer"
Jo T, Colwyn Bay
"Deborah's treatment has resulted in greater pain free movement in my neck shoulders and back. She has a finely tuned skill in identifying the main tension areas and giving them the attention needed.... Deborah is intuitive knowledgeable and caring with a strong desire to help and heal.. "
Doreen L, Llandudno

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