DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: This treatment concentrates on releasing areas of tension in the body. Firm pressure and ‘no hands’ massage strokes are used to free tight muscles and increase mobility. The shoulders, back and gluteal areas are common areas benefiting from deep tissue work. This type of massage can be quite vigorous and it may take a few sessions to achieve results.

HOLISTIC RELAXING MASSAGE: Is fantastic for both alleviating and preventing stress.  During the massage, you are encouraged to ‘let go’ mentally and physically, to achieve a state of deep relaxation.  Stretching, pulsing work and energetic healing are incorporated into the treatment.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: An ancient therapy which focuses on the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  It may be undertaken with or without oil. As well as being wonderfully relaxing, Indian Head massage has found to have beneficial effects on the following conditions:

    * Headaches
    * Improved circulation of head and scalp
    * Hair loss
    * Poor sleep patterns
    * Stress

HOT STONE MASSAGE: This is a profoundly relaxing therapy which combines massage techniques with the warmth and healing properties of heated volcanic stones.

EMMETT TECHNIQUE: This is a relatively new therapy created by Australian practitioner Ross Emmett.  It involves light finger touch to very specific points on the body which may assist in releasing muscle tension; improving mobility and relieving pain.  I am integrating this cutting edge therapy into my massage practice to enhance its effectiveness.  Please see for more informat

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