Massage has an holistic effect on the whole person which extends beyond the physical to the realms of mind and spirit.

The techniques used in massage relax muscle fibres, encouraging them to release and function more effectively.  Muscle knots and stiffness are removed and circulation improved.  Massage makes us looser and relieves the pain associated with holding our bodies in a state of tension for long periods.

Stress activates the body’s sympathetic nervous system, making us on ‘red alert’ if prolonged.  Relaxing massage stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system with resultant positive changes on the body, such as decreased heart rate, for example.   Regular massage is one way to re-dress the balance when stress is a big feature in our lives.

    Massage is beneficial to a huge variety of medical conditions, including:

    * Back, neck and shoulder problems
    * Headaches
    * Constipation
    * Recovery from operations and injuries
    * RSI conditions
    * Arthritis and rheumatism

Touch is a basic human need, often not acknowledged in Western society.  Massage is one way of enabling a safe place for experiencing touch.  On a mental level, it can be a great anxiety reliever and induces calmness and clarity of thought.  The mind-body-spirit connection is very powerful and massage can unblock stored emotions. It can be cathartic to feel this release and often touch comforts where words fail.  Massage can also make us more aware of our bodies, allowing us valuable ‘me-time’ in our busy lives.

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