I am a fully qualified massage therapist, who has re-located to Colwyn Bay after a decade in London, where I trained at the Academy of Natural Health.  Whilst establishing my massage therapy business in London, I gained a tremendous amount of experience.   I was privileged to work with MIND, the mental health charity; did a stint at the top London hotels and part-managed a holistic therapies centre.  I worked with private clients of all ages and physical conditions in their own homes or workplace.

I am passionate about my work and know that I will never stop learning about the human body or cease to marvel at its capacity for self-healing.

My approach is to always give treatments in the way that I would wish to receive them i.e. to use the right amount of pressure; to acknowledge that we are all mind-body-spirit; to set a safe and nurturing atmosphere and to be totally present with my client.  I work intuitively, tailoring my treatment to the client and respect confidentiality at all times.  I regularly attend training courses to incorporate new skills into my work.

I belong to Embody, the professional association for complementary therapists.

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